Tips for Quickly Growing Your Social Media & Business

Social media has become one of the best ways to promote your business and gain visibility all over the world. It may sound fairly easy to promote your business and personal brand, but there are so many factors that go into creating a unique business and brand that people will actually want to follow and see on their feed! Depending on your brand and industry, growing your social media can take time, patience, and consistency. No matter what your brand and business may be, we are giving you the top tips for quickly growing your social media and business. 

This is a Co-Hosted Blog Post with Social Media Manager – Mindy 

Mindy is a social media manager in Chicago who has received her bachelor’s in marketing and a master’s in business administration. After graduating while in the midst of Covid 19, she had a difficult time finding a job. She became a social media manager within the real estate industry and is now helping real estate agents grow and establish high-performing social media brands. 

Post Consistently and Show up

Posting regularly and consistently keeps your target audience engaged and shows that you are active.

“If you aren’t posting, nobody knows that you are there,” Mindy said. Posting regularly and consistently keeps your target audience engaged and shows that you are active. Although it can be hard to plan large amounts of content and spend a lot of time preparing it, in the long run, it can be more beneficial for someone to grow their social media and business. It depends on the industry, but typically it is best to post 3 to 5 times a week. “Engagement tanks on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because many people are on social media more when they are at work and then unplug on the weekends.” There isn’t necessarily one best way to approach it, but if you are posting every day you can seem impersonal and it’s more beneficial for your target audience if you plan meaningful content. 

Plan Meaningful Content with Your Target Audience in Mind

Many people on social media follow people and brands that can help them achieve a certain goal or who can inspire them. And when it comes to following your business and brand, your target audience will often want to know how you can help them. Creating content that is useful and that speaks to your target audience is crucial for being successful on social media and quickly growing your brand and business. Your goal should be to create content that people want to read and engage with without sounding too scripted because content performs better when captions are short and conversational.

Tip: Don’t sound too Sales-y and too cliché


If you want to quickly grow your brand and business on social media, you may need to have that genuine human connection. “You don’t want to look disconnected,” said Mindy, “It is important to like comments, answer back, and engage with your target audience.” Quickly growing your business is easier when others know that there is someone behind the screen. It is called “social”
media for a reason! Even though it may take time to be engaging, it can benefit your business more in the future and create brand trust with your audience. 

Research hashtags

“What hashtags is your audience most likely to look up and spend time on?” asked Mindy. You should be choosing hashtags that relate to your content, brand, and business. You don’t want to get buried under other people’s content so, “It is important to choose a mix of both popular and unique hashtags that have lower use.” Hashtags play a huge role in how successful and quickly you can grow your social media because in many ways this is how people can relate to your brand and what your social media has to offer. 

Use a Mix of Graphics and Photos

“This depends on the industry, but if you regularly use graphics, it is important to use a good mix of photos and graphics,” said Mindy. This doesn’t need to be uniform and set to a specific number per week, but you want a good mixture of content that can keep your audience engaged and interested in your content. Using graphics is a great way to post educational materials and other types of content that would be better understood alongside a visual that could better captivate your audience.

Be yourself and Don’t Mirror Someone Else’s Brand

Being authentic can be just as important as everything else when it comes to quickly growing your social media and business.

Being authentic is what can easily draw people to your brand and express what your social media/business has to offer them. Although it may be compelling to follow and mirror another successful brand, business, or person, there is not just one path to social media success! When it comes to quickly growing your social media and business, be true to yourself and your goals for your brand.

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