Most Common Qualities Found in Successful Women

I am sure that at one point or another, most of us have compared our own characteristics to those that are commonly found in successful women. Whether we are eager to know if we share the same ones or simply desire to push ourselves to bear those that would help us reach our achievements, each of us, at one point or another, has measured the steps needed to reach our own successes. As we all know, our own level of success is not simply defined by those around us. We are all successful in some way, as we should be, but there are many common qualities found in successful women. If you are proud of your creativity, whether it be sketching, interior design, or woodworking, you are successful. If you received that promotion you were wanting, then you have attained success. Whatever it may be, you are successful in your own unique way. 

Below there are eight qualities that are commonly found in successful women.  There are endless characteristics, but here are some that we most commonly associate with successful women.

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1. Leadership

The majority of us would automatically define a successful woman as a leader. It is the act of taking charge, whether that is through individual or group functions, and assuming responsibility. Leaders are accustomed to paving their own path and reaching their goals, while guiding and pushing others to meet their own. While leadership may not always lead to success, it is these individuals that are highly motivated and concerned for the well-being and accomplishments of those they are leading. 

Whether your implementations of ‘leadership’ are through your career, entrepreneurial endeavors, community, or personal functions, they will surely lead you to a better position to achieve your goals.

2. Responsibility

In our right mind, we know that we must take responsibility for the things we do, even when they are negatively based. Responsibility, in our personal lives or career settings, is not solely based on our actions, but what we say that may affect those around us or our own image. If we fail to own up to our misdeeds or do not properly accept the tasks we are given, we are more likely to damage our own wishes for success and the perceptions of those who have a hand in determining our success. Successful people are constantly aware of their responsibilities and are determined to work even harder when they are pushed back by downfalls and failures.

3. Communication

Good communication skills are necessary for any individual to communicate effectively with peers, coworkers, managers, employees, etc.

Whether the communication is defined by our clarity, tone, emotion, or body language, there are many opportunities for us to make situations simpler by acknowledging what it is we want, what needs to get done, and where we need to go. While many of us may find it redundant for most job descriptions to have communication skills listed as a desired or required skill, it is an important factor that every female job seeker or business owner needs to take into account. If we are not honest with ourselves or are unclear in our conversations or emails, we will push ourselves further away from the successes we desire. Being a great communicator is one of the qualities found in successful women. 

4. Passion

Passion is a prominent characteristic that all successful women have or have had as their primary motivating factor at some point within their careers or personal endeavors.

Passion is one of the many qualities found in successful women! How did that woman become so successful? Well, because she had a passion; a driving force. Simply look at the female business owners, artists, travelers, etc. Each one has had something that gave them the drive to go after what it was they wanted to be, create, or do. Success is not determined by each factor listed here, because we know that we define our own success. If you have achieved or reached a specific goal pertaining to something you are passionate about, then you are successful.

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5. Confidence

If we are to be successful, then we have to be confident in who we are and what it is we are doing. Without confidence and self-belief, we set ourselves up to fail and ultimately lead ourselves further away from our goals. If we look at the women who have achieved by starting their own business or pushed through the barrier to attain an executive position, then each of us can easily say that they had the self-confidence that was needed to get them to their own level of success. As a successful woman, you must believe in your own abilities in order to achieve whatever goals you may have for yourself and your business or career! Keep your confidence up because it’s one of the qualities found in successful women!

6. Optimism

Successful women are optimistic in their endeavors and firmly believe that their actions will be successful.

Yes, there may be times of negativity when things do not go as expected or days when you want to view everything realistically, but as long as you pick your feet up and walk with a positive mindset, then you are setting yourself up to succeed. Even the most successful leaders are not able to stay optimistic all of the time, and they shouldn’t have to. When they face downfalls, they get back on track and take the next stop to accomplish their goals.

7. Resilience

Just like optimism, resilience is a pertinent trait among successful women. When they have failures or make a mistake, they collect their focus and get right back up to fix the problem at hand. Although it can be difficult to recover quickly, successful women know that negative and unfortunate events will only help them grow and fight for what it is they want. Just think about the barrier within the workforce. Women have been pushed around and declined better opportunities, and it is in these situations that many have been resilient and risen to the top.

8. Willingness to Learn

It is commonly said that any good leader or successful individual must have a willingness to learn. Learning from mistakes is another part of our responsibility if we are to achieve great heights. Every successful woman has learned from her counterparts or her own experiences in one way or another. This includes hearing and considering the opinions and criticisms of others. If we are to be successful in the workforce or throughout our various commitments, then we must be able to take criticism and learn from our wrongdoings. In another light, successful women know how to effectively tell the difference between truthful and belittling criticisms. Willingness to learn is one of the many qualities found in successful women.

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