Building & Perfecting a Professional
Website and Blog

Perfecting a Professional Website and BlogCreating a website can be a lot of work, especially when you have little knowledge about website building! There is so much information and sometimes all you want is a clear plan of action that helps you with your overall goal of creating a perfect and professional website or blog. Whether you are in the beginning phases of creating a website, looking to update your current one, or you just feel stuck, we have the perfect resource.

Less pain, less hassle, and have all of your questions answered about building a website and continuing its growth in one spot.

Building & Perfecting a Professional Website and Blog
Self-paced Course

Starting a website or blog now is more important than ever. If you have a business or you are looking to live a life where you can blog and make your schedule, our Perfecting a Professional Website and Blog course is going to help you start your website quicker than you could ever imagine.

And yes… like I said, we are answering ALL of your questions! All the way from the beginning phases of creating a website to monetizing and growing it in the future. And the best part is… even if you are just beginning and don’t have any prior knowledge, or you are looking to recreate your current website, this course is going to be your GAME CHANGER.

Let’s be honest, there are many courses that contain a lot of BS and unuseful information, but this is not one of those courses. Why? Because I have been in your position.

In the past, I struggled with creating websites that looked professional and ran smoothly for users and experienced hardly any growth. But now, I have my degree in graphic information technology, I am extremely knowledgeable in frontend and backend coding, and I have an extensive background in website development and growth. I have created countless numbers of websites, recreated them, and I have done all of the research so you don’t have to!


Growing a professional website and blog

The Course Content

Module 1: Introduction

Introduction – Video Meet your Instructor: Madison is a Website Creator & Developer

Benefits of the Course – Video Lesson & Presentation

Website Guide and Checklist – PDF


Module 2: Self-Hosted or Hosted Website?

Difference Between Self-hosted and Hosted Websites – Video Presentation

Which Should You Choose? Self-hosted or Hosted – Video Lesson

Self-hosted or Hosted?  – Module 2 PDF


Module 3: Website Host

Finding a Website Host or Transferring Hosts – Video Presentation

What to Look for in a Website Host – Video Lesson

Getting a URL – Video Lesson


Module 4: Website Builder

How to Choose a Website Builder – Video Lesson & Presentation

What to Look for in a Website Builder – Video Lesson

The Best and Easiest Website Builders – Video Lesson


Module 5: Website Mission/ Purpose and Tagline

Discovering Your Website Mission & Purpose – Video Lesson

Writing an SEO friendly Tagline – Video Lesson & Presentation

Tagline Placement – Video Lesson & Presentation

Website Mission and Tagline – Module 5 PDF


Module 6: Website Outline

Why You Need a Website Outline & Vision – Video Lesson


Module 7: Website Theme

What to Look for in a Website Theme & Save Money, Too – Video Presentation

How to Choose a Website Theme that’s Right for You – Video Lesson


Module 8: Website Visuals

Choosing Your Website Visuals – Video Lesson

Creating a Professional Website with Visuals – Video Presentation

Narrowing Down Your Main Website Pages – Video Lesson

What Should Be on Each Website Page – Video Presentation


Module 9: Blog Posts and Content

Writing High Performing Blog Content – Video Presentation

Content Schedule – Video Lesson


Module 10: Things to Highly Consider for Your Website

Why have Access to a Developer – Video Lesson

How to Find a Developer on a Budget – Video Presentation

Website Firewall, Support, and Page Speed – Video Lesson


Module 11: Website Copyright and Privacy Policies

*Secret Tip & Trademarking

Website Copyright, Privacy, and Terms – Video Lesson

Where to Get Policies and Terms of Use on a Budget – Video Lesson

What to Know About Trademarking – Video Lesson

Where to Get Trademark-free Content – Video Presentation


Module 12: Website SEO & Growth

What is SEO and What is a Meta Tag? – Video Lesson

How to Easily Create SEO Friendly Content – Video Presentation

SEO Examples – PDF

How to Grow your Website Traffic > The Truth – Video Lesson

Best Resources for Monitoring Website Growth – Video Lesson


Module 13: Recap of the Course

Overview of the Course – Video Lesson

Join the Facebook Group! – Video Lesson


This Perfecting a Professional Website and Blog Course is Your Game Changer! Are you ready?

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