Women’s Work Outfit Ideas and Inspiration

Are you looking to spice up your work style and find outfits that make a statement, but also represent your personality? Maybe you want something that is comfortable, beautiful, and eye-catching. No matter where you are working, these styles are perfect for your everyday work schedule. 

Pants and Bottoms

Elegant Wide Legged Pants: Wide leg pants work with any blouse or shirt. Not only can you find comfortable styles and colors, but they look professional and beautiful for any work occasion. 

Fitted Pants: You don’t have to give up comfort to look professional. You can find some fitted formal pants that feel like leggings but look beautiful and fit your profession. 

Skirts: Any fitted, flowy, or long skirts would all look elegant and professional for workwear. 


Dresses can work with any kind of weather and profession.  

For summer weather, add some cute sandals, heels, or flats. 

Add some layers with leggings, blazers, and add some boots for winter and fall weather. 


For winter and fall weather, layer with a sweater.

Find beautiful blouses that are solid colors or have patterns.

Turtle necks work well with any bottoms and look great under a blazer.

Solid colored formal shirts pair well with colored or patterned pants.

Power Suits

 Power suits are becoming more and more popular for women’s workwear. Power suits make a statement and can also be extremely comfortable depending on the brand and fabric. If you are wanting to make an impression, this is the outfit to do it. 


Pair your outfit with a sweater, blazer, or long jacket. 


There are many different types of shoes that work well with work outfits including; flats, sandals, heels, tall and ankle boots. 

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