Motivation Tips: How to Stay Motivated

– Even When You Really Don’t Want To –

How to Stay Motivated - 7 Motivation Tips |

When we are caught up in our daily commitments, it can be difficult to stay motivated. After an exhausting day of work or endless errands, sometimes we simply want to put all of our duties aside and take a few moments for ourselves. But when you have tasks that must be completed and cannot be pushed off, how do you find motivation? How do you continue to work and flourish in your home or work environment? While we all have our own methods that work best for us, sometimes we need new tactics that will incentivize us to work quickly and efficiently. If you are currently lacking motivation or are curious to see if there are tactics that you haven’t used before, here are motivation tips that may help you stay motivated even when you really don’t want to!

1. Revisit Your Why

When we feel that our motivation is lacking, it is important that we remember our why! What is our purpose behind everything that we are trying to accomplish? Sometimes we need to remember why we started our business or are working for a specific company and remind ourselves of what it is we expect to get out of these positions. If we treat our jobs and tasks with little importance, then we are setting ourselves up to lose the motivation we need. If we are lacking motivation then we have to be more cognizant of our why and overall purpose.

2. Find Your Passion

For most of us, our motivation is a direct reflection of our passion.

Are we truly passionate about the work and activities we are putting out time into? When we appreciate and enjoy our work or the goals we are wanting to achieve, then we are more likely to feel inclined to finish the tasks that will move us closer to our goals. Plus, our jobs, businesses, and commitments become more enjoyable when they are related to our passions.

3. Review and Implement Your Goals

It is crucial that we remind ourselves of our goals and how close we may be to reaching them. It is possible that each one of us has lost our motivation and drive at some point, especially when we realized that our dreams or goals changed, or were simply unattainable within current circumstances. If our vision has changed, then we must review our goals and change them accordingly. If our goals are no longer applicable or appealing, then we should probably jump back to point #1 and revisit our why or establish a new one.

4. Organize Your Space and Tasks

If we are working in a messy space, we are less likely to stay on task and motivated. For many of us, organization alone can bring more motivation! There is nothing like a clean desk space or coffee table that helps you stay organized and on top of the work that needs to be done. We all know that when our things and spaces get messy, we can get ourselves into a bind and are more likely to make mistakes. If we take the time to document or make a list of our tasks, we will be more aware of those that must be completed first.

How to Stay Motivated - Motivation Tips | Feminlist

5. Find Different Ways to Approach and Accomplish Your Tasks

When we are stuck, we have to be willing to take a different approach!

Our lack of motivation isn’t always a product of our exhaustion or a pile of to-do lists. In other cases, it can be due to our inability to decide how to approach or complete a task. If we are trying the same method over and over again, we will exhaust ourselves and likely never complete it. If we devote our time to finding alternative routes to start and complete a task, then we will be more motivated to get the job done. Using the same preferred methods is not a bad thing. In most cases, it works effectively. But when we are stuck, we have to be willing to take a different approach!

6. Remove Your Distractions

We all know that distractions are the worst things that deter us from remaining motivated towards completing our jobs and responsibilities. When working from home, there are times when we simply need to change up our work environment where we aren’t tempted to watch TV or work on another project. If we are in an office environment, maybe it means closing the door to keep ourselves from chatting with coworkers when there is work to be done. Whatever your distraction may look like, there are numerous ways that you can avoid distractions and complete any tasks that have yet to be finished.

7. Find Some Enjoyment in Your Work and Commitments

Life’s too short for us to hate the work and tasks we are doing!

While we all come from different backgrounds and experiences, we know that happiness may not always be a factor in our jobs or work. There will be times when some of us will have to accept an unenjoyable job just to make ends meet. Though happiness may not be a factor, maybe motivation and joy can be found in the company of a coworker or the few minutes we get for our break. For those who have a choice in the work they do or the businesses they run, choose to pursue your passions and joy. Even though your work or tasks may not always be fun, your motivation will greatly stem from any enjoyment you can find throughout your commitments and tasks.

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