4 Life-Changing Skincare Tips to Brighten Up Your Daily Skincare Routine (Dermatologist Approved)

Daily Skincare Routine

We all know that you look and feel your most confident when your skin is glowing and clear. Today, popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok have made skincare daunting, especially when there are numerous steps. But, all of these steps and products aren’t necessarily the best for your skin. Why spend large amounts of money and time on products that don’t produce results? If only you had some top skincare tips from a dermatologist to brighten up your skin and daily routine.

Dr. Saranya Wyles, M.D., Ph.D. is a Dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic Department of Dermatology. She grew up in a family that was heavily impacted by science since her dad was a pathologist and her mom was a scientist. From a young age, their dinner table conversations typically related to how biology worked or their general fascination with how the body functioned and healed wounds. Although these were simply small conversations, the fascination quickly grew with her. DermatologistAfter she graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University, she kept her desire to go into stem cell biology. She worked at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute for two years. She focused on gaining a deeper understanding of stem cell technology and how they are cultured for regenerative medicine – a new field of medicine that studies how the body’s natural healing mechanisms can restore form and function after injury.

To Dr. Wyles, the skin was the perfect organ to study regenerative medicine because it’s our largest organ and it regenerates monthly. Stem cells are the building blocks of life. They can clone or multiply themselves, and even become different cell types that contribute to natural healing. “That was really fascinating to me… It was like magic,” Dr. Wyles commented. She has been at the Mayo Clinic for the past 10 years within the MD, PhD program and dermatology residency. During her time at Mayo Clinic, she found her intrigue for dermatology and everything that had to do with the science of skin. Dr. Wyles frequently gets to see various patients with differing skin types. So, what are the best tips to follow when it comes to brightening and clearing up your skin?  Here are 4 life changing skincare tips to brighten up your daily skincare routine (dermatologist approved)!

First, have a good cleanser or face wash.

Just like any routine, it is most beneficial to commit to your cleanser twice a day, once at morning and once at night.

Dr. Wyles said it could be a gentle cleanser or any type of cleanser that you may be likely to use. You also don’t need a cleanser that foams since it does not impact your skin barrier, and although using brushes may seem best, it is better to use your fingers to cleanse your face. Some of the best working cleansers approved by Dermatologists can be found at the local drug store and one brand she is a fan of is Neutrogena. She also mentioned that one of the most important things is to avoid fragrances. While some may search for products that have essential oils because it works for them, this does not necessarily mean that they may work for you. 

Another beneficial tip Dr. Wyles mentioned when it comes to using a facial cleanser is that, “you don’t want to be scrubbing, just be gentle and it is best to pat dry your skin.” The media glorifies many steps to skincare routines, but it is best to keep it simple and keep to a daily routine. 

Second, use a moisturizer.

One of the most helpful and life changing things you can do for your skin is to use moisturizer every day. She recommends using a Dermatologist-approved moisturizer such as Vanicream, Cetaphil, or CeraVe. One of the most important things to note about body moisturizers is that those you can scoop with your hand will be more beneficial to your skin health than lotions and creams that can be pumped out of a container. The best time to use a moisturizer is within 5 to 10 minutes after getting out of the shower and then using it again in the morning or evening. 

Quick Tip: Did you know that having too many processes in your skincare routine (multiple cleansers, oils, face masks, and lotions) can strip your skin? All you need is a good cleanser and moisturizer for your daily routine.

Third, wear sunscreen.

Dr. Wyles recommends regularly using tinted sunscreens that have a broad-spectrum that will cover UVA and UVB. The pigment in your skin can easily change from light exposure so it is important to protect your skin health at all costs. If you are regularly outside or in front of screens, invest in a sunscreen or SPF makeup foundation that can protect your skin because the sun and light play a large role in the aging of your skin. Many of Dr. Wyles’ lab studies are focused around skin aging. Creating a habit of regularly using sunscreen will largely benefit the life and health of your skin and maybe years from now your future self will be thankful you took the extra precautions when it came to your daily skincare routine. 

Quick Tip: Did you know that light from phone and computer screens are harmful for your skin? Try a blue light protector for your devices.

Fourth, repeat. Make this process a habit.

“Everyone should have a skincare routine and it does not have to be complicated,” Dr. Wyles said. Keeping your skin healthy and glowing can’t happen without committing to this habit. Use your cleanser once in the morning and once at night, regularly use a thick moisturizer, and protect your skin by wearing sunscreen. Following these simple steps will not only help clear up your skin, but it will benefit the aging process of your skin in the future. Don’t be fooled by the long processes and routines you see across social media. Having too many steps in your routine can strip the essential oils your skin needs. Keeping your routine simple will benefit the health of your skin and help you make this process a habit. If you still struggle with skin issues, consider visiting your local dermatologist for additional input.


Dr. Wyles is Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. During her time at Mayo Clinic, she found her intrigue for dermatology and everything that had to do with regenerative medicine. “It was a field of medicine that was all encompassing and continually evolving.” She now has her own research team and her lab focus is based on inclusivity where they learn science and love science. Dr. Wyles also serves on the editorial board for the International Journal of Dermatology and glossary editorial panel for Future Science Regenerative Medicine. She is an up-and-coming young investigator in the field of regenerative aesthetics.

Daily Skin Routine

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