Job Search Tips: Get Noticed and Land Your Dream Job

The job search process can be intimidating, especially when you have to stand out against so many other candidates applying for the same position. With popular job board platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor, sending a resume is easy, but standing out and making an impression during the job search takes a little more effort, motivation, and confidence. Do you want to make an impression and stand out? Here are some job search tips to get noticed and land your dream job.

Job search tips - get noticed and land your dream job

This is a guest article with Olivia Higgins

Olivia Higgins is a Human Resources Professional and Recruiter in New York. She started her service-based business called Elite Career Assistance where she helps her clients with their resumes, updating their professional portfolios, interview preparation, and the job search in general. “I love helping people. I hate to see people not get the resources they need that could help them get to the next level in their career or even in life,” Olivia commented. Along with helping her clients during the process of job searching, she helps her clients prepare for interviews and gives them questions based on what may be asked in that specific field or position. After some time, companies began reaching out to her about finding people for positions that would be a good fit for their job postings or positions.

Connect on a More Personal Level

Be genuine if you decide to reach out

When you decide to personally reach out by email, in-mail, or other means of communication, it shows that you are expressing more interest. Although this is a controversial topic, depending on the employer, this can easily set you apart from other candidates who skip this step. Sending them a professional email with your resume or application attached can help you stand out more than just sending them a message or applying along with hundreds of people on job boards. Even though you may not get a response, especially depending on how many people reach out, this can still help you leave a better impression than just sending in your application or resume on a job board.

Many larger companies have recruiting coordinators that handle the hiring process. If you can find a recruiting coordinator for the company you are applying for, reach out to them. On job boards like LinkedIn, sometimes you can see who posts the job listing and you can reach out to them through messages. Although it can be intimidating to send a personal message, sometimes it can help your resume be noticed among so many others.

Be Accessible and Flexible

Showing that you are easily accessible and flexible is another way to be noticed among others who have also moved forward in the job hiring process. Many companies want to hire as soon as possible and if you are easily flexible and you respond quickly, it also can make a good first impression even before the interview. This can also give them insight into how you could be as a potential employee and help you land your dream job.  

Stay Organized

If you are applying to many jobs, keep track of your top ones and keep them organized. Especially as job positions start closing, it can be difficult to glance at what the position description was if an employer reaches out to you about the next phase of the process. As you fill out questions on applications, remember what things you said for each job because that question may come up in an interview and you don’t want to say something different than what you put. Stay organized about what positions you applied for, what you like about those positions, and when you applied to them.

Ask Questions

Job search tips to get noticedDuring the interview, you should always ask questions that relate to the job if it wasn’t outlined in the job description. Before going into an interview, you should always do your own research about the company and view their website.


If it comes up in the interview, it shows that you did your research and that will help you stand out during the hiring process because it shows that you care about learning more about the company you are applying for. If you want to ask a question about the company, you should ask in a way that shows that you did look into the question beforehand.


Before going into an interview, write down a list of questions. It is important to ask questions during the hiring process because your goal should be to find a job that aligns with what you are looking for in a position.

Follow Up

You should always follow up after an interview if you don’t hear back because it shows that you still have interest in the position. If they say you will hear back in 1 week, wait that time frame before you reach out and send a follow-up message. Another important tip when it comes to following up is to give the employer or recruiter space. They have other applicants to go through as well and if you keep nagging it gives off negative vibes. Reach out and follow up after every interview, but wait the time frame they give you.

Create a Compelling Cover Letter

Some companies don’t request cover letters for the interview process, but it can help you stand out. Every time you send a cover letter, it should align with the company and be specific to the position you are applying for. Some people have general cover letters that they send for any position they apply for, but this isn’t enough to stand out and you may not get very far into the hiring process. Cover letters need to have specific stats and numbers to stand out.

Stay Positive During the Process

Even if you keep getting rejection after rejection, keep your head up and keep pushing forward. Remember that the purpose of the hiring process is so employers can find the perfect fit for their company. Sometimes, you may not be the best choice but it is important to remain positive and confident that you will find a position that also aligns with your goals. If you get further into the interview rounds and they decide to move onto another candidate, remain positive, confident, and keep applying for positions that interest you. Confidence can easily be seen in the interview; this could help you land your dream job.

Focus on the Hook of Your Resume (The Summary)

When it comes to your resume, most employers skim this quickly to find the most relevant information and don’t spend much time looking at it unless you get further into the interview process. The most important part of your resume is the skills and summary section. This section should contain how long your experience is, different statistics, numbers, and accomplishments or achievements. The summary is extremely important because it’s about key parts of your previous experience and it is the compelling factor of the resume that makes them want to dive in more. Focusing on this section could help you land your dream job and help you stand out amongst so many others.

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