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 Dive into all things women empowerment, entrepreneurial endeavors, woman-owned business inspiration , health, and wellness, and hear from some of the most amazing women claiming their seats and making an impact in today’s society.

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April 27th, 2022: Discovering your inner confidence and unlocking your full potential can seem difficult, especially when doubt starts to creep in. We are chatting with Brittany Tibbitts, the founder of Elle Potential, who found her passion in helping other women step into their authenticity and confidence while she worked as a mentor and coach for dental health professionals.

March 11th, 2022: Want to get noticed, make an impression, and land your dream job? In this episode we are chatting with Human Resources Professional, Olivia Higgins, and discussing how you can stand out during the job search process. 

March 2th, 2022: When it comes to the financial and money conversation, it’s clear that women are behind! We got to sit down with Sophie, the founder of Financial Feminist, and discuss how women can take control of their financial futures and stop splurging, start saving money, and escape the paycheck cycle.

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