Grow Your Business on a New Level with these 10 Unique Ideas

Growing your business in unique ways

As a new startup or young company, you may not have a huge budget to promote and grow your business. And let’s be honest, no matter where you are at with the progress of your business, you can promote and market in new ways to gain visibility, growth, and increase your traffic.

Sure, you can grow your business by posting on social media and using paid marketing, but sometimes you may want to take a different approach and try something new.

If your current process is not working, here are some new methods of growing your business that can help you grow tremendously. As the previous owner of a coffee shop, a Graphic Designer, and the founder of, I have come across many ways to promote and grow your business in ways you may have not even thought of. Take a breath, stay positive, and let’s discover new ways you grow your business!

Use the “Social” part of Social Media

Growing your business has become so much easier with the advancement of social media. It takes a lot of hard work and time to create content that people will interact with. The key with any social media platform is to actually use the “social” aspect of the platform. Not only does this rank you better as a creator, but you will create more relationships and brand recognition when you like, comment, follow, and interact with other users on the platform. Just posting content will not get you the growth you need for your business. Use each platform to your advantage by being social with other creators, business owners, and brands. Being more personal and interactive with people who may be drawn to your brand will help your overall growth as a business. 


Use Multiple Platforms

You know the saying “Don’t have all your eggs in one basket”? This saying is extremely important when it comes to growing your business and brand. Each platform gives you the ability to market and promote your brand in front of different audiences.

Grow Your Business

For example, Tik Tok is known for a younger crowd that enjoys engaging video content and Facebook is known for updating and sharing content between

friends and acquaintances. Both of these platforms contain diverse audiences that will attract people to your brand in different ways.

Broaden your reach by using multiple platforms and engaging with different audiences that can find your business and brand across various platforms. 


Focus on Pinterest 

Social media can seem like the perfect place to grow your business but sometimes it may only help you grow a following and not leads. Growing a business successfully means finding leads that will interact with your business outside of the social media platforms. Pinterest is the perfect platform to gain leads and traffic to your business website. Unlike Instagram and other sites, people can save your pins and instantly be taken to your website by clicking on the pin. Depending on your industry, Pinterest can progress your business quicker than any other platform. Even by adding multiple pins a day and creating SEO friendly descriptions, you can see how fast your business will start to grow. 

Network with Facebook Groups 

This tip goes along with using the “social” aspect of social media platforms. Take time to join business Facebook groups that relate to your area, industry, and existing groups that will help you network with other business owners. Of course, you have to request to join these groups and follow the rules that are posted, but this gives you the opportunity to network with thousands of women across the world. Two examples of Facebook groups to join for woman-owned businesses are “Women Business Owners Supporting Women” and “Her vibe Hustle Entrepreneurs”. These are two groups that are all about promoting and growing businesses. I have found many people in my networking circles from joining groups like these. Widen your networking circle by joining Facebook groups to start growing your business on a new level. 


Work With Other Business 

If you are someone who has a strong competition mindset, learning to work with other businesses can help you grow yours tremendously and quickly. Reaching out to other businesses will aid you both in new growth that can come from collaborating in different business areas. This gives both businesses the opportunity to share clientele, gain new brand leads, and create an impression in a bigger way when working together. 


Find Co-hosts 

If you are a blogger or trying to create online content for your website, reach out to existing creators to find co-hosts. Sometimes it can be difficult as a blogger to find content to write, especially when you aren’t as experienced in certain areas that you may like to write about. Getting a co-host gives you the opportunity as a blogger to write a blog post based on someone else’s experience and expertise. Set up an interview or chat with someone who is an expert in the topic and gain all the information you can to write a thorough article and blog post. This gives you the ability as a creator to network and grow your business by working with other creators and business owners. 

Host Events

As a physical business or if your brand thrives off online views, grow your business by setting up an event that will attract people to your brand. This can be a physical or virtual event that can attract leads and create a following. Virtual events can include webinars, courses, tips, inspiration, coaching and any other type of virtual event that will attract people all over the world to attend. Physical business events can get creative and should focus on the existing community around you and their needs and wants as an area. Overall, hosting events can provide many benefits and serve as a unique attracting method to growing your business. 

Grow Your Business


Grow Your Team and Hire 

Running a business can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially if you are one individual running all parts of the business and its success. Although it may still take time to grow your business after this step, hiring and growing your team can take a lot of stress off your shoulders and help you focus on the other sides of the business that help it grow. Hiring someone can be expensive, but in the long run it will provide more benefits than downfalls. Fiverr has been one of my go-to platforms for growing my team, even if it is for a small project or for a couple hours of work that I know I am not an expert in. Sometimes hiring an experienced individual and paying them to help with company projects is better than spending tons of money trying to do it yourself and spending more money in the long run to fix it. 

Customer Service  

We all know that reviews impact your business growth tremendously. Even having one negative review can make you feel powerless and lose all hope in your business succeeding. Bad reviews are bound to happen at one time or another, but excellent customer service will show your clientele and followers that you care about their experience. Don’t be scared to reach out and go the extra mile. The more positive reviews you can gain for your business, the faster it will grow and succeed.


Focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

If you are running a website or you are a blogger, SEO is one of the most important aspects you need to focus on for growing your business. This gives search engines the ability to easily find your content and rank it higher than other content similar to it on the internet. Depending on your website host, you can download plugins that will help you create content that will rank higher in search engines. This means having titles, descriptions, images, and other content that can be easily found. SEO can be difficult to master, but it is one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of growing your online business and website. 

Growing a business can be overwhelming, especially when you are in the beginning phases of establishing your brand. Seeing growth means that you are receiving the validation that your brand is reaching the audience it needs to succeed. By using multiple platforms, networking, collaborating with other creators and business owners, and hiring a team, your business can start to level up in unique ways that lead to business success and growth.

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