How to Own Your Confidence and Authenticity on Social Media

Are we truly supporting and empowering each other as women by promoting our lives as perfection across social media?

Getting in touch with your confidence and authenticity can seem difficult, especially with the easy access of social media. Seeing the “perfect” lives of people around the world is a daunting trap that we can fall into. Brittany Tibbitts, the founder of Elle Potential, found her passion of helping other women step into their authenticity and confidence while she worked as a mentor and coach for dental health professionals.

Confidence and Authenticity on Social Media


She found a common pattern that was missing from the clinicians she mentored, which was a general lack of confidence. As she expanded in her profession and began to climb the corporate ladder, she noticed a theme of having to rise above adversity.  She was a twenty something year old female who had been in the industry for about 5 years, which did not fit the typical part of her company dynamic. The governing culture comprised primarily of men, who each had over 25+ years of experience and made all the decisions for the corporation. By following her passion and conviction, she broke through these barriers and claimed her seat at the table. “This ignited a spark within me to want to empower other women to take bold action towards their dreams and goals. I am on a mission to help other women pivot away from doubt, and into their power by coaching them on how to create their own confidence and build up their own self belief.” Brittany commented. We got to sit down with Brittany and discuss how her business will positively impact the confidence of women, and here are her top tips for you to own your confidence and authenticity on social media.

Work On Yourself Internally

“Confidence is the baseline for everything, and if you create it within yourself, it will be one of your greatest assets” Brittany said, “Working on yourself internally is step 1”.

We need to stop focusing our energy externally and comparing ourselves to others.  When we fall into the comparison trap, we actually are just projecting our own insecurities. People connect and are drawn to authenticity. We all battle different things and portraying our lives as perfection across multiple media channels is exhausting. It’s not realistic and sets false expectations of what reality should look like. As your confidence increases and you become more comfortable with yourself, you show up different. You are more forgiving, allow yourself grace, and embrace your uniqueness and individuality.  This is what people truly connect with. 

Build Yourself Up with Positive Affirmations

Strengthen your inner confidence by giving yourself positive affirmations that boost your self-confidence. Social media can easily drag you down, but to find your confidence and authenticity you must build yourself up with self-belief. Being authentic means embracing all of your flaws and imperfections, embracing and owning your own struggle and journey, and embracing adversity and vulnerability. Giving yourself positive affirmations can be done by putting inspirational quotes where you can easily see them, writing positive thoughts in a daily journal, or building yourself up through things that positively affect your confidence and wellbeing. Being positive and building yourself up is one of the best things you can do to find self-confidence, and this will ultimately affect what impact you have on social media.

Confidence and Authenticity on Social Media

Know that Life isn’t All Glamorized

“We are only seeing the highlight reels of other people’s lives,” said Brittany. People on social media tend to glamorize what it takes to get to a certain level in life.

However, it is extremely important to remind yourself that there is so much more behind the scenes that you are not aware of.  Influencing on social media can be negative because someone may portray and glamorize their lifestyle, without authentically sharing the difficult journey of how they got to where they are or the true behind-the-scenes. As humans, we are drawn towards this ideology and can even find ourselves comparing our lifestyles.  Knowing that life isn’t all glamor will help you maintain a certain kind of balance which will ultimately help you maintain a genuine connection with people who find you relatable and inspiring.

Own Your Flaws

“It’s important to show up as our true authentic selves online”

We are always comparing ourselves against others, especially on social media. “It’s important to show up as our true authentic selves online” said Brittany. Every single person has flaws, even those who portray their lives as perfect across their platform. Our platforms allow us the constant opportunity to connect with others.  Creating a difference in the world, is showing the world your true self.   When you own your flaws, you become more relatable and unknowingly might be a source of light or inspiration to someone else out there who resonates with your story. Being confident and authentic means showing up in your truth and embracing your imperfections. Naturally, your energy will radiate and the content you post on social media will be 100% a part of who you are and in your own alignment.

Follow Authentic Accounts

It’s a hard balance putting yourself out there and coming across as truly authentic. “Do you want to come across as being perfect or do you want to be someone that owns your uniqueness, shows your truth and embraces your individuality?” Follow accounts that show true authenticity, this will empower you to accept your own truth and help keep your confidence high. While it is nice to look at “perfect” accounts and follow them, you have to have a good balance. “Are we truly supporting and empowering each other as women by promoting our lives as perfection across social media?” Following other authentic and genuine accounts will push you towards developing your own self-love, as they remind followers to give their own selves grace.  Remember, we are all mirrors. 

Don't View Likes as Validation

“You shouldn’t let social media be your form of validation from others." - Brittany

Especially for the younger generation, likes have become a source of validation that individuals seek. Although you have access to reaching people all across the world with your content, this is an easy way to get down on yourself and kill your self-confidence. “You have to shift your perception of social media.  Instead of using social medial as a platform for validation, you need to view it as a platform that enables connection and offers access to humans from all over the globe” Brittany commented. Using social media as a way to connect instead of a form of validation will help you be more confident and create authentic content.

Diving into your inner confidence and showing your true authenticity takes time. Brittany is launching her website, Elle Potential, at the end of the month.  Her site expands access to her coaching business and continues her mission of empowering women to step into their power, find their confidence, discover their voice.

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