8 of the Best Grants for Women Small Business Owners & Startups

If you have a small business but are strapped for cash to fund it, don’t stress. There are plenty of financial options to help you finance – from small-business loans to other types of debt-based funding. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, a grant is the way to go, considering you don’t need to pay it back over time. So, keep reading because here are 8 of the best grants for women small business owners and startups! 

You can also find more information about women-owned business grants on our website here > Woman-Owned Business Grants | Feminlist

The Amber Grant

The Amber Grant was founded by WomensNet in 1998 – in hopes of honoring the memory of a young woman, Amber Wigdahl, who passed away before her business dreams could thrive. Every month, WomensNet gives away at least $30,000 in Amber Grant money. To address the diversity of women-owned businesses, they’ve also created “Marketing Grants”, “Business Category Grants”, and two $25,000 Year End Grants. 

Applying is easy – just take a few minutes to fill out the application here > The Amber Grant  

8 of the Best Grants for Women Small Business Owners & Startups | Feminlist

Sephora Accelerate

The Sephora Accelerate program prides itself on building a community of inspirational brand founders in beauty. This grant program focuses on founders who are people of color in order to promote inclusivity in the beauty industry. The program is a bit atypical – founders will embark on a six-month journey where they’ll learn the necessary skills to build a successful business as a beauty retailer. Apply now for 2023 on their website > Sephora Accelerate Grant

Nest Artisan Revolving Fund

The Tory Burch Foundation has come together to support the Nest Revolving Maker Fund – open to women-maker business owners in select states. There are some additional eligibility requirements – such as including financial projections, a personalized business plan, and basic accounting records of your small business when applying. If you think you may qualify, you can learn more information at the link here > Nest Artisan Revolving Fund

Bank of America Capital Program

The Tory Burch Foundation and Bank of America Capital Program have come together to create a grant opportunity that provides women entrepreneurs the opportunity to access affordable loans. To make this happen, Bank of America works directly with Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). Support from these local lenders allows the grants to reach underserved markets and populations. If this grant interests you, you can complete the screening here > Bank of America Capital Program

SoGal’s Black Founder Startup Grant

If you’ve been looking for a grant program that prides itself on supporting Black women and nonbinary founders – you’ve found it! Historically, Black women entrepreneurs receive less than .5% of venture capital funding. SoGal Foundation is changing history by teaming up with a variety of sponsors to provide several $10,000 and $5,000 grants to Black women or nonbinary entrepreneurs. Read more about it here > SoGal’s Black Founder Startup Grant

Cartier Women’s Initiative Award

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Award is granted once a year to 21 female entrepreneurs all over the world. To be eligible, you must have a business that is in the early stages of development – anywhere from one to three years old. The top seven finalists will be granted $100,000 as well as one-to-one business mentoring. The remaining
fourteen applicants will be awarded $30,000 in grant money. Apply today > Cartier Women’s Initiative Award


If you’re looking for a useful resource, check out the www.grantsforwomen.com website. They address the gender
gap in business and career success and are determined to give women the upper hand to fight back. Their website provides information on grants, scholarships, and funding for women of all races and walks of life. Grants are not just business-centered – they also feature education scholarships and non-profit grants.

You can view all current grants here > Grants for Women

Fearless Strivers Grant

If you’re a Black women owned-business – listen up! The Fearless Strivers Grant awards eleven small businesses $10,000 grants, as well as digital tools to help them sustain their business online. If you live in Atlanta, Birmingham, Dayton, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, or St. Louis – stay tuned to learn more about a city-specific grant coming soon. You can learn more about the Fearless Strivers grant opportunity here > Fearless Strivers Grant

If you’re having trouble qualifying for a grant or just need some additional assistance, visit the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in your area. They offer great resources that will allow you to start, run, or grow your business. You may even be able to find a Women’s Business Center (WBC) in your area that provides free to low- cost counseling to women entrepreneurs. You can search directly in your area by clicking the button below!

By: Olivia Cannizzo

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