8 Ways to be Confident in Your
Business Ideas

Being confident in your business ideas can seem difficult in a world full of comparisons and doubt. There are so many factors to starting a business that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But if we put aside our self-doubt, how do you know if you truly have a great business idea?

How to Be Confident in Your Business Ideas

Francesca Agostinelli followed the normal path that most do after college, she got her degree in international marketing and business and started her career as a human resources marketing recruiter for an IT recruiting firm. But shortly after working an overwhelming job and not getting paid what her time was worth, she set out to find a new path that could bring her more freedom.

After being contacted by a woman who was a marketing partner with Monet, she thought about the possibility of partnering with them but turned it down because she knew she needed a real job and security. After some time, she decided to reach back out to the woman who introduced her to Monet and little did she know it would be the best decision she ever made. In 2020, Francesca started her business and became a marketing partner with Monet and a coach for women to help them gain confidence and find a career path within network marketing. 

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t an easy path, but it can be one of the most rewarding leaps you take for yourself. So, how do you truly know if your business ideas are worth pursuing? We got to sit down with Francesca and discuss entrepreneurship and confidence when it comes to your business ideas. Here are 8 ways to be confident in your business idea. 

1. Be Confident in Your Niche

Every business needs a niche. Who are you going to attract with your business and why are people going to find your business unique? As a marketing partner with Monet, Francesca’s niche is helping women with her leadership skills and helping them gain confidence. Her approach to her business is also attracting women who follow the fashion and beauty industry. Finding your business niche should be something that interests you, because working towards pursuing a goal that requires you to put time and effort into is so much easier when you are passionate about the background and niche your business serves. 

2. Form Relationships that Make You More Confident About Your Ideas

“Let go of the people that don’t serve you and dive into deeper relationships with those who do,” said Francesca. It is important to maintain relationships in your life that positively drive and push you. It is so easy to let the world crowd and overwhelm you. Listening to the noise around you makes you feel less confident about your ideas and future goals, so having those relationships you can turn to will help you feel more secure about your ideas and confident in everyday life. You may start to outgrow a lot of people around you, but diving into more meaningful relationships will help you intentionally grow and help you feel more confident about your business ideas.  

3. Intentionally Grow

“If you intentionally grow every single day, you will outgrow everyone around you. People undervalue the value of growing,”

“If you intentionally grow every single day, you will outgrow everyone around you. People undervalue the value of growing,” said Francesca. “I went into it thinking that network marketing would be easy since I am a great people person and I am outgoing. I thought I am going to make so much money from this and I made the assumption that everyone was going to support me and buy from me, but that wasn’t reality.” It was a slow transition but working on herself, her business, and creating genuine connections has helped her business grow. You can’t expect to sit around and wait for a successful business to happen, you have to intentionally work on growth until the ideas start to take physical shape and produce results. 

4. Push Yourself

Sometimes it can be hard to find motivation to push yourself, but the biggest hurdle you will encounter is your confidence and your thoughts when it comes to your own business ideas. Push yourself to discover why you are seeking entrepreneurship and what kind of impact your business may have. Internally discovering your reasons will help you push yourself to the next steps in the process and moving forward with your ideas. 

5. Dive Into Research about Similar Ideas that Resemble Yours

Is there currently a growing market for your idea?

There are people out there who have similar visions. Dive into research about similar ideas out there that resemble your business ideas. Were these businesses successful? What kind of impact did this business idea have? Is there currently a growing market for your idea? These are all questions you can discover answers for by diving into research about similar ideas. Doing this kind of research will help you feel more confident in your business ideas.

6. Ask for Help and Network

Never be afraid to ask for help. If it was easy to start a business, everyone would be doing it.  Becoming a business owner is a lot of work and there are others who have gone through all the steps and processes of becoming an entrepreneur in their field. After being in Monet for so long, Francesca started to coach and lead other working women towards network marketing. It may be beneficial to reach out to business owners who are currently succeeding with businesses that resemble your idea. Although networking can seem intimidating, it is one of the best things you can do for your business to gain clarity, confidence, and growth. 

7. Worry Less About Comparisons

It is so easy to compare your business ideas to others like it and it is even more likely that you will let comparisons get the best of you and let it affect the way you think about your own business idea. Worry less about comparisons and more about the possibilities that your idea could lead to. Feeling confident about your business ideas means pushing aside the negative opinions and self-doubt and truly researching why your business idea could lead to a successful and long term business. 

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Try

Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your ideas.

The only way to know if it is a successful business idea is to put time into it and push it forward. It is intimidating to think about how much time and money could go into a business idea that could fail at any time, but if you don’t try you will never know what kind of outcome it could lead to. Surround yourself with encouraging people, do your research about similar markets and ideas that resemble yours, and don’t be afraid to go for it. Francesca had reservations about becoming a marketing partner with Monet, little did she know that it would be the best decision she would ever make. And because of taking a leap, her coaching business started to take form and she began to help so many women gain confidence with their own business ideas.

Be Confident In Your Business Ideas

You can visit Francesca’s journey and personal blog, thatalpha.com, and follow her on Instagram @francesca_aagostinelli to see how she is helping unfulfilled women in the 20’s take their life from average to extraordinary.

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