8 Game-Changing Skincare Routine Tips
(Even if You Have Acne)

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8 Skincare Routine Tips & Acne Tips | Feminlist

When it comes to your skin and wellness, it can seem like a never-ending cycle of not having the correct products or routines that fit your needs. And when you need skincare products that work the most, it can be overwhelming, especially when you want to increase your confidence. Glow on Studios is making its mark in the skincare world by helping people with their skincare needs and helping them regain their confidence. Madeline Stanley, an Esthetician and founder of Glow on Studios, said, “A big thing that I work on with my clients is self-confidence… when you have any type of skin concern, unfortunately, it makes you feel really bad about yourself. That is a terrible feeling, so I try to work with my clients on accepting that everyone has breakouts, but that is not equivalent to their value.”


Glow on Studios aims to create lasting relationships with clients and help them see a dramatic change in their skin. “I’m more of an acne specialist, although I do all skin types. I want clients to feel connected to me. The clients I have feel like good friends,” Madeline commented. Because the skin is the second largest organ, it is essential to take care of it, so today, we are going over Madeline’s top tips for taking care of your skin!

1. Shy Away from Drugstore Products

Face it – you’re not going to find the same level of products from a drugstore as you are from professional-grade skincare lines. Drugstores aren’t as heavily regulated by the FDA and feature mass-produced products. Therefore, you’re getting a low-quality product that isn’t tailored to your skincare needs. You’ll see the difference in quality once you start using a professional-grade product.

2. Avoid Dairy, Sugar, and Greasy Foods

Your day-to-day diet plays a huge role in how your skin looks. You may have heard this before, but what you put into your body internally affects deep under your skin. Many people are under the impression they’re eating healthy. In reality, they are consuming many inflammatory foods – such as eggs, excess oil, and milk. Healthy doesn’t always equal acne safe.

3. Stay Away from Scrubs

Many people utilize scrubs under the impression it will do wonders for their skin. However, chemical exfoliants tend to be more beneficial than physical exfoliants. Often, people will aggressively rub the polish or scrub into their skin, ultimately applying extreme pressure. Therefore, scrubs aren’t the most well-balanced exfoliation for your skin. Chemical exfoliation is a great alternative. If you’re looking for a professional-grade skincare line, Lira Clinical is one of the best – made for all skin types.

4. Use the Same Products as your Esthetician

If you are seeing an esthetician and they use a specific skincare line, make sure you’re using the same brand at home. While it’s fine if you have a different brand of makeup remover or sunscreen moisturizer, the majority of your regimen should be from the same skincare line. Not only are the products designed to work together to help your skin, but it will also set your skin up for treatment success during esthetician appointments.  

What is the main factor in acne flare-up? “Stress for sure…during the pandemic, there was a HUGE acne flareup. People didn’t realize that acne is a bacterium, so you shouldn’t be wearing the same mask two days in a row. At the same time, people were extremely stressed.”


5. Have Both a Morning & Evening Skincare Regimen

Staying on top of your skincare regimen will make all the difference – but you shouldn’t just have one routine. For most people, a morning regimen and an evening regimen that look different from each other will suffice. In the morning, it’s about hydration and protection. In the evening, it’s more about treatment and exfoliation. While you sleep, your skin is recovering – so use more exfoliation such as a retinol or night cream. However, if you are an afternoon gym goer or something of the sort, you may need to add in an extra regimen. Examine your lifestyle and determine your skincare needs.  

6. Don’t Just Splash Water on your Face in the Morning

Instead of just using water to wash your face in the morning, use a cleanser. You want to make sure you get rid of any leftover makeup or dirt from the night before. While washing with lukewarm water is fine for some, using cold water is recommended. And don’t forget to apply SPF before leaving the house!

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7. Take Care of your Mental Health for Best Skin Results

Many people don’t realize that mental health and acne go hand in hand. The last few years have thrown everyone a curveball in life. Many people have gone through divorces, were cooped up with family, or became aware of their anxiety or depression. By investing in your mental health (such as seeing a therapist), you will see your skin start to improve. Less stress and more self-confidence = clearer skin!  

8. Find a Local Esthetician to Work With

You can’t expect yourself to know exactly what your skin needs right off the bat. Skincare is a science – every person has different needs that only a skilled professional can decipher. Seeing an esthetician will make your skincare journey much clearer (in more ways than one). They’ll tell you what products you should be using and will guide you through the process. As far as chemical exfoliants go, most people should be using a cleanser, a serum that targets your needs, a moisturizer, an SPF, and retinol.

By: Olivia Cannizzo

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